2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5 Crack + Offline Installer Free Download

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition is an advanced CAD application designed to help you check the internal force diagram with any 2D frame or grid job, calculate the displacement and motion of nodes and elements, and create detailed reports. Last but not least, you can modify the material properties of the beam, perform a rotatable spring, display the vertical or horizontal distribution of the beam load. Insert arcs, generate an analytical image of the analysis results, geometry and static model, and appearance in the library of steel profiles and concrete grades. All in all, 2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5  of the powerful and powerful 2D frame analyzer CAD tool integrates a series of advanced features to help with static analysis of beams, door frames, and grids. The compact computing kit makes it particularly suitable for professional users. Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition is a useful civil engineering application that uses finite element methods for static and dynamic analysis of frames and grids. The interactive, simple, and universal user interface allows for quick model drawing.

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5 Edition Crack + Offline Installer Free Download

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5 Edition Crack + Offline Installer Free Download

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition Crack can perform static analysis of multi-span beams, 2D lattice, and 2D frames using a highly flexible general finite element method. The number of nodes and beams is unlimited; it supports all major measuring units in 3 degrees of freedom, six poles of light Boundary conditions (reversing and rotating springs support initial displacement and speed conditions. Model creation is effortless. First, you don’t need to define nodes, then automatically generate nodes. The automatic generation of nodes takes into account heat load preprocessing: high-quality graphical display. Full GUI includes scaling, compilation, Grid, capture options can be created graphically in real-time for each user operation. Change to other units immediately. Easily create models (members, loads, supports, etc.) In a user-friendly environment with many graphical functions Embedded library of major steel, sections Define the different beam section set Define the embedded material of the primary content (wood, steel, concrete) Define the original document. Modify material properties easily and quickly. Completion of spending options within the specified degree of freedom (support for all types of final spending) Quickly applies vertical and horizontal distribution loads to the unit. However, 2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5 key is equipped with several calculation parameters, and it provides a concise set of functions. You can view the models in your work environment and zoom in or out on each model. The static release of 2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5 Cracked allows static analysis of multi-channel beams, 2D grids, and 2D frames, and supports portal frame analysis. This will enable you to manage an unlimited number of nodes and beams, three degrees of freedom per node and six degrees of freedom per radius, change the unit of measure, apply boundary conditions (e.g., fixed, cylinder), and automatically create nodes.


  • Linear static analysis
  • Direct stiffness method
  • Usage: Jacobi method or subspace iteration method to calculate the shape of the sample
  • Load: node, element, distribution, temperature load, displacement of the support
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Coming soon: flexible support, internal release
  • Coming soon: dynamic analysis (modal superposition, historical analysis)
  • Draw the deformed shape of a given model
  • An analytical view of the analysis results
  • Diagram of axial shear force and drawing of bending moment
  • Calculation of the internal energy in each position of the element
  • Calculation of stress along the upper and lower strands of each element
  • Graphical representation of each model parameter (internal energy, momentum, displacement, rotation, reaction force) and time
  • Draw the axial shear forces and bending moments for each step
  • Draw deformed shapes at each step
  • High-quality analysis report with results of all analyzes, including stress, internal force, and displacement diagrams as well as static model diagrams, deformed shape, axial shear force, and bending moment diagrams
  • The professional appearance analysis report

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5 Edition Crack + Offline Installer Free Download

What’s New in this version:

The design of the 2D frame analysis software package makes it very easy to use. Therefore, users can easily use the various functions briefly introduced.
The list of steel profiles and predefined materials has been updated, significant surface improvements have been completed, professional-looking calculation reports, stress calculations have been added, and all major units have been added.


Saving is disabled;
Only the default part can be used.
Add a watermark to the calculation report.

Supported operating systems:

Win XP/ Win XP 64-bit/ Win Vista, Win Vista 64-bit/Win 7, Win 7 64-bit, Win 8, Win 8 64-bit


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