EaseUS Partition Master 13.8 Crack 2020 With Serial Key

 EASEUS Partition Master Crack v13.8 With Serial Key 2020

 EASEUS Partition Master Crack v13.8 With Serial Key 2020


 EASEUS Partition Master Crack continues to be a go-to recommendation for a powerful yet easy-to-use disk management utility that only happens to be liberated. A simple design with a disk map plus a full User Manual and a lot of Help tools make for a fantastic start. Partition Master Free can format, copy, resize, move, and manage disk partitions as proficiently as its premium opponents.


Secure yet free: Partition Master Free may Resize, Move, Merge, Migrate, and Copy disks or partitions; convert to local, alter tag, defragment, assess and explore partition; and a whole lot more. A premium upgrade adds free tech support and also the ability to resize dynamic volumes, but the freeware more magnificent than meets most home users’ needs.

Wizards: Migrating your OS into an ultra-fast SSD or a brand new HDD? Or perhaps you wish to copy or replicate a partition? There is a Wizard for this (and more) on the toolbar. Partition Master Free is SSD-friendly, too.

Business License: Home business owners can get a Small Business Permit for Partition Master Free with a few clicks.


Toolbar”extras” and pop-up advertisements: The data retrieval, backup, and bootable CD Tools displayed on the toolbar and Advanced menu aren’t accessible Partition Master Free. True, occasional pop-up (or even slide-in) ads for other EaseUS software can be annoying, but not as annoying as paying!


  • Disk partitioning and copying can be a Complex business, particularly if you’re not as computer-savvy because you may like. EASEUS Partition Master may be the solution to your partition prayers.
  • The most recent version of this helpful Tool is at least as simple to use and functional as preceding variants. For essential partition management, it’s the ideal Program.
  • The array of activity wizards offered makes with EASEUS Partition Master relatively simple. There are wizards for partitioning, copying your disk and partition recovery, as well as excellent help files if you need even more guidance.
  • Additionally, it has quite a few different tools that make the job even more comfortable, such as an undo function, operations pending listing, and the capability to place a password.
  • EASEUS Partition Master is not the best-looking Tool on the market. Its interface is primary and kind of bland.
  • For a program, that deals with something as unglamorous as partition direction, but this is probably something most users will be willing to forgive.
  • If you are new to partitioning or have fairly basic partitioning demands, EASEUS Partition Master is the only Tool you’ll need to get the job finished.
  • EASEUS Partition Master is a Fantastic example of an Easy-to-use regular partition tool.

What is new in?

  • Intelligent partition modification
  • New disk performance guide
  • Improved allocation of free space

Characteristics and Highlights

Merge Partitions

Solve low disk space issues by merging small partitions into a large partition

Assess Partition

Investigate partition properties to gauge whether there are disk errors or other problems on selected walls

Format/Delete Partition

Format your HDD, SSD, USB, memory card, SD card or delete a partition to make it accessible for reuse

Wipe Partition

Thoroughly apparent sensitive or useless data on select partitions to maintain your privacy protected and your personal computer uncluttered

Change Partition Tag

Change the tag of a separation or a drive letter for improved data organization

SSD 4K Alignment

Correctly align partitions on SSDs to maximize PC performance

Disk/Partition Conversion

Convert a logical partition into primary, primary partition into consistent, FAT to NTFS partition, MBR disc to GPT, or GPT disk to MBR

Cleanup and optimization

Clean up junk files and unnecessarily large files to free up storage space and optimize disk functionality

       EASEUS Partition Master crack

 EASEUS Partition Master Crack v13.8 With Serial Key 2020


Visually attractive and User-friendly

  • The Major feature provides users with a Wise and Tidy environment rounded up by a well-thought and witty interface.
  • Each of the exhibited functions looks as they’re raring to go and show what they’re made from. This is the place where that translation occurs. What do you want to do? Resize, move, copy, merge, check, refresh, or explore your partitions? It is all here.
  • The program also provides users with a defragmentation choice, to maintain your files and folders at a single, contiguous place.

Easy and rapid Restoration of missing files

  • EASEUS Partition Master Free Edition makes it Easy that you graphically and numerically manage your walls and will not ask you to reboot your computer when resizing NTFS partitions.
  • Not enough for you? How about a partition recovery solution right out-of-the-box? It permits you to look for deleted or lost partition inside the unallocated space of your hard disk and bring them back to life within the Disk Clone Wizard.

Copy partitions from One drive to another

  • Even if you purchased a larger hard disk drive, this program would help you transfer all data from your existing disk to the newly purchased one and also boot from it.
  • For a more precise plan of action, your existing partitions may also be copied to new disks with the help of the Partition Copy Wizard.
  • The only limitations of this intelligent application refer to how big the hard disk (up to 2TB) along with the number of drives that are supported

EASEUS Partition Maste Serial Key 2020



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