EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Crack+Serial Key Free Download

EventSentry Light is a full-featured software that can use custom filters to add relevant event logs from one or more PCs, as well as notifications about future events on the monitored computer. The application can handle the entire network, and you can choose the workstation from which you want to receive event logs. You can sort them by location or by the task they are performing. The software provides you with a wide range of functions. Real-time file and log monitoring, system health monitoring, compliance tracking, filtering options, and various types of notifications are just a few examples. You can access multiple parts in the same interface to adjust the behavior of the program. It allows you to decide how to handle the messages generated when the system starts, set different time intervals for each monitor, etc.

EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Crack+Serial Key Free Download

EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Crack+Serial Key Free Download


EventSentry Light 4.1.1  Crack can track a large number of events. You can monitor every antivirus alert, system crash, email notification, or system health issue and record it in a log file. Available preset software packages Event Input Light provides event log filters, a collection of system status tracking objects, or compliance monitoring items. These can be activated at any time on specific computers. For example, if you are a Windows expert and want to be warned when a particular type of event occurs, you can have the program display a message or send you an email. Note that EventSentry can also manage the disk and notify you when the available space is too limited. You can also apply it to specific folders to inform you when the file size is too large. Finally, keep in mind that EventSentry Light 4.1.1 evaluates processor performance and memory usage, and records detailed information about activities that consume too many resources and cannot remedy them. Don’t think that all these monitoring functions will affect the performance of the server or workstation! The EventSentry agent (developed in C ++) runs as a service on the monitored host, has little impact on the controlled system, and does not require you to install other software (DLL, OCX, drivers, etc.) on the server or workstation ).

By using agents, we avoid the situation of periodically polling event logs and system information from a central computer, thus saving network bandwidth and CPU time on the monitored machine. This also means that you do not need to install a central monitoring component on the network.
Environmental monitoring is another possibility. By connecting specific types of sensors to your computer, you can configure the program to monitor your readings and perform certain operations when the readings exceed certain thresholds. EventSentry Light 4.1.1 free key can monitor temperature and humidity sensors, as well as motion, smoke, and water sensors.WIndows provide various event logs, which can be reasonably analyzed and evaluated using EventSentry Light. The System Monitoring and Log Management Tool is a powerful and feature-rich enhancement to the Event Viewer in Windows 7 and 8, which can log system events.


  • Process actions are now available, so you can now start scripts or processes in response to event log entries.
  • You can now monitor custom event logs and custom event log channels (Windows 2008 and later)
  • Now you can not only watch the service but also control the service.
  • All event logs can now be backed up.
  • Event log backup can be compressed.
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) function can now adjust local time
  • You can now apply restrictions to operations.
  • Email operation: all features are now available
  • Import/export functions in the administration console are now available
  • Variable support is now available

EventSentry Light 4.1.1 Crack+Serial Key Free Download


  • The software itself is very elaborate and offers many customization and optimization options. Its limits are unlimited!


  • The only downside is the huge learning curve, but this is mainly due to the level of technical capabilities of the software, which is not a big problem because its support staff is the most knowledgeable person I have personally experienced.

Operating system

Windows XP / Windows XP 64-bit / Windows Vista / Windows Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 64-bit

How to crack

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