Handy Backup Crack 2020+ License Key Free Download

Handy Backup Crack 2020+ License Key Free Download

Handy Backup 8 Crack+ License Key Free Download

Handy Backup Free is a free version with basic features. It allows you to back up files and folders locally or through our online backup service
Another big difference in the new version is the New Task Assistant. Currently, you can switch between simple and advanced wizard modes. The simple mode only allows you to configure the most important task functions: data source and destination, encryption, basic plan, and final configurations, including the task name. This mode does not use complicated settings and is not distracting to the user. In advanced mode, users can configure all the functions and features of the task, including backup types, triggered by system events, run other software with the task, etc. This mode has some additional configuration steps, but the task can take full control of it.

The new Handy Backup  Crack includes an updated graphical user interface (GUI) in a unified color scheme. All major operations are now just a click away. To adjust tasks and options, you can use the main and context menus, as well as different message windows and dialogs. The new GUI is simpler and easier to use than before. From there, we can choose a backup location that includes external devices like USB, CD or DVD. The program has compression and encryption capabilities. The schedule search function took some time, but once we find it, we can customize the backup schedule daily, weekly and monthly. The logging feature allows us to save all backed up logs for future reference.

Handy Backup 8 Crack

Handy  Backup Free is easy to use, but it is also outdated now; If you use it in any version after Windows XP, be careful. If you are backing up a server or set of files that require more complex processes, you can use Handy Backup to run third-party applications before and after the event. Additionally, you can allow the app to send an email notification to inform you if the task completed successfully or if there were any errors. Combining the above considerations and several findings, it is safe to say that Handy Backup is a good solution for anyone who wants to protect or restore files when needed.

The only complaint we have about the program is that it installs icons on our desktop without our permission. Nonetheless, novice users will find helpful tips to get started, and the built-in help function will answer any questions. All in all, we highly recommend this program to anyone interested in reliable file backups.

Handy Backup 8 Crack+ License Key Free Download


  • Considering a large amount of data it uses and its increasing importance, one of the most widely used tools today is a file backup tool.
  • Handy Backup is a Windows program that you can use to make backup copies of your files easily, simply and quickly.
  • This is due to the simplicity and efficiency provided by the program, which will guide you step by step throughout the process.
  • Different program options will be displayed, such as the type of task (backup, sync or restore), the type of copy (full or incremental), the ability to compress files or protect them with passwords.
  • All of this makes Handy Backup a great tool to test.


  • Handy Backup has always been vital to me when it comes to disaster recovery.
  • Although most of my data is stored in network-attached storage, when the disk fails, the data is also duplicated by redundancy, but the
  • duplication does not prevent me from losing files by accidental deletion.
  • Handy Backup has always been my backup software of choice to copy important NAS files to local storage when they are deleted.


  • Since I never look at the log files, I want to provide additional alerts.
  • If you set it up and forget it, suppose it is working.
  • It would be nice to get an alert if the backup fails.

System Requirements:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista
Version: Version 8.1.1, December 16, 2019
File size: 106 MB
256 MB of free disk space
128 Mb of RAM
Internet society

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